Top 10 Tools For Baking

Want to begin baking but don’t know what to buy? In the world of baking, there are so many tools available that it’s easy to get carried away with which ones are really important. This article lists the 10 most important ones.

When I started baking frequently, I also started to collect baking tools and equipment obsessively. However, over time, I realized that a lot of the stuff I bought was redundant, or simply irrelevant. I now have shelves and drawers stuffed with all kinds of baking related products, a lot of which I don’t use at all despite baking everyday.

Pictures or videos of food bloggers may have you believe that you need a lot more than you actually do to begin whipping up cakes and cookies! While some baking tools do make our lives easier, a lot of them just create clutter too and you may not need if you’re just starting out as a beginner.

Having said that, there are a few tools that do make baking easier, faster and more fun and I highly recommend to have these on hand before you begin your baking adventures.

Lets look at the top 10!

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1. Measuring Cups and Spoons
measuring cups and spoons.

Baking is as much science as it’s an art and even the best recipe will be a big fail if your measurements are not correct! A good set of measuring cups and spoons – with separate ones for dry and wet ingredients will save you a lot of trouble. I recommend using a glass container with a spout for liquids (which also makes it easy to use in the microwave if required to warm your liquid in the recipe) and a standard set of measuring cups and spoons that come with options for 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup, ¼ cup and 1 tbsp, 1 tsp, ½ tsp and ¼ tsp.

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2. Weighing Scale

weighing scale.

To really level up your baking game, you need to start measuring recipes with more precision and there’s nothing like an electronic weighing scale to help you do that. Because while a cup measurement can change slightly here and there, a gram is a gram each time. Not only that, but a scale will also help you to use fewer bowls and utensils, thus making cleaning up quicker and saving you lots of time! Please do invest that has liquid measurements too.

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Check out my guide on converting from cups to grams and ml measurements here

3. Spatulas and Whisks

spatulas and whisks.

Complete no-brainer. I can’t even imagine working in the kitchen without my army of spatulas and whisks and I say army because one of each will just not do the job. You’ll be reaching out for a spatula or a whisk far more often than you may think and use it to stir, mix, scrape, spread, everything! 

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4. Bowls

Call me crazy for stating the obvious but most people don’t think this is important to keep separate from the bowls used for other kitchen uses. If you don’t want your cakes having an aftertaste of curry – it’s good to keep a set of mixing bowls of different sizes that are sturdy and can be used to whisk and whip in as well. Glass or stainless steel bowls are best but stay away from aluminum, however, because acidic ingredients will react with the metal and change the flavor of your food.

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5. Electric Beater

electric beater.Sure, spatulas and whisk can do the job, but some things just require more effort – such as whipping cream, or even a large quantity of batter and that’s when an electric hand beater will serve you well. I recommend getting one with atleast 250 watts.

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6. Parchment Paper/Silicon Baking Mat

parchment paper.What’s a bakers nightmare? A perfectly baked cake that breaks while taking out of the pan. Honestly, it’s quite heartbreaking to see a cake meet such fate. A good quality parchment paper helps cakes/cookies slide off pans quite easily and also make clean-up easier Silicon mats are great too specially if you’re making cookies on a flat tray. Plus they’re reusable but don’t work on round or other odd sized pans.

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7. Cooling Rack

cooling rack.Unless you like soggy cakes, or overbaked cookies, you definitely need a cooling rack (or two) in your kitchen. The wired structure helps air to circulate around baked goods as they cool, ensuring they retain their original taste and texture even at room temperature.

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8. Oven Thermometer

oven thermometer.One of those tools that’s really under-rated, an oven thermometer should actually be on every bakers’ shopping list because unless your oven is new, you can assume that the temperature setting is inaccurate and not showing the actual temperature inside. After all that whisking, whipping, beating, folding, if you bake your cake at the wrong temperature, you’ve set yourself up for disappointment. This inexpensive tool is the remedy!

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  • Oven Thermometer –

9. Oven Mitts 

oven mitts.Probably stating the obvious again, but from experience, skimping on the right mitts can cause situations that may prevent you from ever wanting to bake again. Good quality mitts are now easily available and you should change yours anytime you feel the cloth may have worn off even a little to avoid any accidents from handling hot food. I personally love these extra long silicon ones because they also last longer, although they aren’t as pretty as the cotton ones.

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10. Piping Bag and Nozzles

piping bag and nozzles.If frosting a cake intimidates you, it’s probably because you haven’t worked with the right nozzles or piping bags yet. A simple need for bakers who want to take their baking a notch higher with pretty designs on their cakes and cookies. A good set of nozzles that will allow you to make different patterns is quite helpful to have. Disposable piping bags are more convenient but this reusable washable one is great for the environment and easy to use as well.

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While this list is not comprehensive, it is my recommended list to people just beginning in baking. Was this helpful to you? If yes, tell me in the comments below! Or find me at Instagram here