Baking on a Stovetop

I get a lot of requests for posting recipes that can be made without an oven. Let me first up clarify that I only bake in an OTG – Oven Toaster Grill. I will do a post on the different kinds of ovens too soon. However, given that traditionally, in India, people did not buy ovens (that is changing pretty quickly) or for times such as this global lockdown when appliances may be out of order, this a pretty convenient method of making a cake too.

I have on request, now tried a few cakes successfully in a cooker and a pan on the gas. I also get a lot of messages from readers who have tried other recipes like crackers and breads by this method too, though i’m yet to venture into that area.

Baking a cake on a stovetop is pretty easy and I haven’t noticed much difference in the outcome. However, you do need to be careful of following the instructions correctly in order to not have a kitchen disaster at hand.

Some cakes you can try using this method

Pan/Pot method 

Use a heavy bottomed utensil. Select the pot or pan you will be using and make sure it has a lid that fits it well.

Add a cup of salt at the base of the cooker/pan.

Place a perforated plate or ring on top of the salt base. It could even be a cookie cutter. This is required only to ensure the base of the cake pan does not touch the cooker directly since it can burn quickly so the plate/ring provides a layer of insulation.

Find a cake pan that fits inside the pot/pan on top of the plate comfortably. Grease the pan with butter or use a butter paper/parchment.

To pre-heat, put your pot/pan on a slow flame, cover it, and let it pre-heat similar to an oven.

Pour the prepared batter into your greased/lined pan and place the pan inside the pot.

Cover the pot with the lid and let it cook on slow flame. Most cakes in a 6-8 inch pan will take between 45-55 minutes. Do not take off the lid before that. Around the 45 minute mark, open the lid and check with a pointed knife or toothpick if the cake is done. If there is batter stuck to the toothpick, it needs more time. Cover and continue to let it cook while checking in 5-minute intervals.


Cooker Method 

Remove the gasket (rubber ring) and the whistle since you won’t be needing it.

Gasket is the rubber ring on the lid

Place a wire rack/plate or a cookie cutter at the bottom of the cooker. Spread 1 cup of salt to the cooker first. 

Place your ring/wire rack on top of the salt.

To pre-heat, close the lid, and keep the cooker on a low flame and close the lid.

After 10 minutes of heating this way, open the lid, and place the pan with the batter on top of your ring/plate. Reminder – do not put the whistle or gasket. Do NOT add water. Close the lid and bake.